April 20, 2015


CALL TO ORDERMayor Dale Jacobson

The regular council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Dale Jacobson at 7:00 p.m. Monday April 20, 2015.


ROLL CALL Clerk/Treasurer Tina Schubert

Present: Mayor Jacobson, Council Members Hannah Booth-Watts, William Talbott, David Goodroe, and Andrew Lea. Wally Wright was absent and was unexcused. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Tina Schubert, Public Works Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank, Eagle Editor Rick Nelson, Town Attorney Heidi Heywood, Fire Chief Fred Johnson, Port District #2 Commissioner Bob Kizziar, Wahkiakum Co. Commissioner Mike Backman, and members of the public.  


 CM David Goodroe asked to have the Beal St. vacation request added to the agenda under Unfinished Business.


1.     Voucher Review Committee Report- Andrew Lea and David Goodroe recommended approval of the vouchers.

2.     The Voucher Review Committee for the May 18, 2015 meeting will be Hannah Booth-Watts and Wally Wright. William Talbott will be the alternate.


Motion to approve the consent agenda including the Minutes of the March 16, 2015 Council Meeting, Voucher warrants/EFT’s #33460- #33483 and E60001- 60058 in the amount of $90,291.54, Payroll warrants #40019- #40037 in the amount of $36,229.00, and approval of the appointment of Jean Beerbower to the Cathlamet Blanche Bradley Public Library Board was made by David Goodroe and seconded by Hannah Booth-Watts.  Motion carried 4 Yes, 0 No.


A citizen commented that the proposed Wahkiakum County Junk Car ordinance violated private property rights.


A.    The Council agreed to hold a Special Meeting to discuss the Change Order request from American Electrical Services regarding the Street Lighting Project.

B.    Motion to approve the Beal St. vacation request subject to proper legal description and formal procedure was made by Hannah Booth-Watts and seconded by William Talbott.  The motion and second were withdrawn to be held for when the proper procedure has been followed including a public hearing. CM Wright arrived late to the meeting at this time.


a.     PW Supt. Duncan Cruickshank requested that an RFQ for Town Engineer to be used as a consultant be prepared and published.  Mayor Jacobson said that he would like to be involved with the project.

b.     Motion to approve the RFP for Janitorial services to the Town was made by David Goodroe and seconded by Hannah Booth-Watts.  Motion carried 5 Yes, 0 No. The TH staff will make recommendation at May meeting.

c.     PW was asked to prepare a budget for completing the Town Hall renovation and to get quote for exterior siding.

d.     Motion to increase Town staffing from five to six full-time employees to add a Utilities Maintenance Worker was made by David Goodroe and seconded by Hannah Booth-Watts. Motion carried 5 Yes, 0 No. 

e.     The discussion on providing vision and dental benefits to Council Members and Mayor was tabled to allow time for more research.

f.      The request to hold the Downhill Corral on the same weekend as the County Fair was met with approval so long as the proper permits and insurance requirements are met.


Mayor Jacobson said that those who used the town property to park their trucks and trailers during salmon season had been considerate. CM Goodroe said he reviewed the budget for the first quarter and it looked good. CM Lea said that the town has quotes to replace a sewer lift station, the Water Treatment Plant has a new rating, they have revised quotes for a pool liner and that the bio solids geo-bags from the old sewer lagoons are drying. CM Booth-Watts reported that the library discussed the internet policy and is obtaining tethers for the computers and that the Comm. Ctr. is going to have an AmeriCorps volunteer there full-time. CM Talbott said that he didn’t attend the CWCOG meeting. CM Wright had Fire Chief Johnson report on Fire Dept. activities.




The regular meeting of the Town Council recessed at 8:43 pm for an Executive Session regarding potential litigation expected to last for approximately twenty minutes.  The Executive Session opened at 8:48 pm. The Executive Session adjourned at 9:17 pm. The regular meeting of the Town Council reconvened at 9:17 pm.  Motion to authorize Mayor Jacobson and CM Goodroe to compose a final offer letter to the Wahkiakum PUD for a renegotiation of the Puget Island Water contract with acceptance required by May 15, 2015 or proceed to arbitration was made by David Goodroe and seconded by Hannah Booth-Watts.  Motion carried 5 Yes, 0 No.


The Regular Council meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.



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Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                          Tina Schubert, Clerk/Treasurer