JANUARY 19, 2016


CALL TO ORDERMayor Dale Jacobson

The regular council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Dale Jacobson at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday January 19, 2016.


ROLL CALL Clerk/Treasurer Tina Schubert

Present: Mayor Jacobson, Council Members Andrew Lea, Ryan Smith and Richard Swart. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Tina Schubert, PW Supt. Duncan Cruickshank, Eagle Editor Rick Nelson, Town Attorney Heidi Heywood, Fire Chief Johnson, Asst. Exec. Fire Chief Renfro, PCA Rep. Jennifer Johnson, Port Dist. #1 Comm. Scott Anderson, Brett Deaton, PUD Comm. Gene Healey, County Comm. Mike Backman, Jon Hinton of G&O, citizen Minette Smith and members of the public.


CM Richard Swart requested that invoices from DeBriae Logging be added a discussion on two invoices from DeBriae Logging under New Business item 10 b. and CM Lea added a request for an extension of time to pay a utility bill to New Business as item 10 c.


CM Swart explained the reason for the proclamation designating February as the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program month. 


1.     Voucher Review Committee Report- Ryan Smith and Richard Swart recommended approval of the vouchers. Motion to approve the vouchers was made by Ryan Smith and seconded by Richard Swart. Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.

2.     The Voucher Review Committee for the February 16, 2016 meeting will be Ryan Smith and Richard Swart. Andrew Lea will be the alternate.


Motion to approve the consent agenda including the Minutes of the December 14, 2015 Council Meeting, Voucher warrants and EFT’s #60611- #60694 in the amount of $74,650.62; and Payroll warrants and EFT benefit vouchers #40233-#40245 in the amount of $35,800.67 was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea.  Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.


County Commissioner Mike Backman spoke as a Lion’s Club member and asked if they could have better access to their recycle paper box at the water plant.  PW Supt. Cruickshank said he’d work with them on it. PUD Commissioner Gene Healey thanked the Mayor and CM Swart for attending their meeting and keeping an open dialogue with the PUD.

a.     Motion to approve the RFQ and contract for “On Call” engineering services from Gray & Osborne, Inc. was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Ryan Smith.  Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.

b.     Clerk/Treasurer Schubert said that the bid date and time had passed with none received in the office.  The Mayor said that he will prepare more detailed bid documents.

c.     The Council agreed to schedule a workshop regarding the current water temporary shut off policy for some time in early February.

d.     It was decided that the C/T and CM’s Swart and Smith will form a group to evaluate criteria for the AWC Scholarship program.

e.     The Mayor announced that he had received a draft of a potential floor plan for the Town Hall renovation project.  The Mayor thanked Planning Commissioner John Collier for his work on the project.


a.     Motion to approve the final Invoice for Construction Administration of the WWTF from Gray & Osborne, Inc. was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea. Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.

b.     Motion to approve invoices from Jerry DeBriae Logging Co. in the amount of $85,984.03 was made by Andrew Lea and seconded by Richard Swart. Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.

c.     Motion to grant an extension of time until Feb. 3rd to pay a utility bill in full to Acct. #249 was made by Ryan Smith and seconded by Richard Swart.  Motion carried 2 Yes, 1 No.  CM Lea cast the “No” vote.


a.     Motion to approve Resolution No. 339-16; A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor and Town Attorney to Negotiate an Interlocal Agreement with Wahkiakum Port District #1 to Accept Dredge Spoils from the Elochoman Slough Marina to be deposited into the Former Wastewater Lagoons upon approval of the Town Attorney was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea.  Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.


Mayor Jacobson had nothing to report. CM Lea had nothing to report on Finance as he was waiting for info from the C/T, but reported on PW activities.  A copy of the PW report is available online. CM Swart reported on the Library and Community Center. CM Swart then reported on CWCOG and County activities.  CM Smith deferred to PW Supt. Cruickshank for PW activities and then reported that he had been given a tour of the Fire Dept. Jon Hinton of G&O was asked to give a report on the recent meeting between the Town and the Dept. of Health regarding the water service connection issue.  G&O made an amendment to the water system plan and prepared an interim solution to either place a new pump in the river (A) or find the “T” in the existing intake (B) and place a screen in it which will improve the flow. PW Cruickshank recommended that the Town agree to accept the interim solution B as it would be easiest and least expensive.  Motion to direct G&O to develop a contract for $39,600.00 and a pre-construction planning document for the implementation of an interim solution for the water intake issue was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Ryan Smith.  Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.  


The Clerk/Treasurer reminded the Council of the February meeting taking place on a Tuesday. 


The regular Council meeting recessed at 8:15 p.m. for the Executive Session estimated to last for approximately five minutes.  The Executive Session began at 8:16 p.m.  The Executive Session adjourned at 8:30 p.m. with no action. The regular Council meeting resumed at 8: p.m.


The Regular Council meeting adjourned at 9:03 p.m.


______________________________                           ______________________________

Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                          Tina Schubert, Clerk/Treasurer