MARCH 21, 2016


CALL TO ORDERMayor Dale Jacobson

The regular council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Dale Jacobson at 7:00 p.m. Monday March 21, 2016.


ROLL CALL Clerk/Treasurer Tina Schubert

Present: Mayor Jacobson, Council Members Andrew Lea and Richard Swart. CM Ryan Smith was absent due to illness. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Tina Schubert, Rick Nelson Wahkiakum Eagle Editor, PW Supt. Duncan Cruickshank, Town Attorney Heidi Heywood, Council Member applicants Sue Cameron and Bernadette Goodroe, Fire Chief Fred Johnson, Asst. Fire Chief Beau Renfro, County Comm. Mike Backman, Bill Fashing of CWCOG, PUD attorney Tim Hanigan, PUD Commissioner’s Gene Healey and Bob Jungers, Port Dist. #1 Comm. Scott Anderson and members of the public.


The Mayor introduced applicants for the vacant Council Positions No. 3 and 4.  They were asked to describe themselves and to give the Council a summary of why they would like to be appointed to the Council.  Motion to approve the appointment of Sue Cameron to Council Pos. No. 3 and Bernadette Goodroe to Council Pos. No. 4 was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea.  CM Smith voted via telephone in order to obtain a quorum for the vote. Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.  At this time, the Oath of Office was administered to both candidates by Town Attorney Heidi Heywood.


 CM Swart added Town contracts and Interlocal agreements under New Business. Motion to approve the agenda as revised was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea.  Motion carried 4 Yes, 0 No.


1.     Voucher Review Committee Report- Ryan Smith and Andrew Lea recommended approval of the vouchers.

2.     The Voucher Review Committee for the April 18, 2016 meeting will be Richard Swart and Bernadette Goodroe. Sue Cameron will be the alternate.


Motion to approve the consent agenda including the Minutes of the February 16, 2016 Regular Council Meeting, February 16, 2016 SMP workshop, Voucher warrants and EFT’s #60767- #60843 and EFT #13891300 - #E20160201 in the amount of $94,379.43; and Payroll warrants and EFT benefit vouchers #40264-#40275 and #E40276 - #E40278 in the amount of $36,949.70, a one-time water bill adjustment in the amount of $167.60, and approval of the appointment of Ryan Smith to the Board of Volunteer Firefighters  was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Sue Cameron.  Motion carried 4 Yes, 0 No.


CWCOG representative Bill Fashing introduced himself to the Council and discussed CWCOG activities


a.     CM Andrew Lea discussed a handout which contained comments and suggestions on the current utilities ordinance resulting from the recent workshop. It was decided that another workshop should be held.


a.     Sue Cameron introduced Cheryl Kingston as the Americorp employee who manages the Community Center. She disclosed a lack of funding for the center asked the Council to consider applying for a grant on their behalf in order to keep it operating.

b.     Town Forester Bill Olsen answered questions regarding his report which had been distributed to the Council.

c.     PW Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank told the Council that he had been contacted by the PUD Manager about a possible electric vehicle charging station. PUD Commissioners Bob Jungers and Gene Healey were present to answer questions.

d.     Motion to extend the expired Foresters contract by 90 days was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Sue Cameron. Motion carried 3 Yes, 1 No.  CM Lea cast the “No” vote.


a.     Motion to approve Ordinance No. 579-16; An Ordinance Amending CMC Chapter 2.05 – Providing for Waiver of Compensation by Mayor and Council Members for the second, third and final reading was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea.  Motion carried 4 Yes, 0 No.


C/T Schubert reported on the effect that taking credit cards have had on utility receipts. CM Lea reported on Finance and PW. A copy of the PW report is available online. CM Swart reported on the Library and Community Center. CM Swart then reported on CWCOG and County activities.  Executive Asst. Fire Chief Beau Renfro reported on EMS/FD activities.



The regular Council meeting recessed at 8:51 p.m. for the Executive Session estimated to last for approximately twenty minutes.  The Executive Session began at 8:52 p.m.  The Executive Session adjourned at 9:21 p.m. The regular Council meeting resumed at 9:21 p.m. Motion to approve Resolution No. 341-16; a Resolution Approving the Third Addendum to the Town of Cathlamet and Puget Island Water System Interlocal Water Supply contract was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe  Motion carried 4 Yes, 0 No.  The Council agreed by consensus to have the Town Attorney draft an ordinance rescinding the Non-renewal ordinance to be addressed at the next meeting.


The Regular Council meeting adjourned at 9:24 p.m.


______________________________                           ______________________________

Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                          Tina Schubert, Clerk/Treasurer