AUGUST 15, 2016


CALL TO ORDER – Mayor Dale Jacobson

The regular council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Dale Jacobson at 6:59 p.m. Monday August 15, 2016.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Mayor Dale Jacobson

ROLL CALL – Interim Clerk/Treasurer Clerk Kerrie McNally

Present: Mayor Jacobson, Council Members Andrew Lea, Sue Cameron, Ryan Smith, Richard Swart and Bernadette Goodroe. Also present were Interim Clerk/Treasurer Kerrie McNally, Eagle Editor Rick Nelson, PW Supt. Duncan Cruickshank, Attorney Heidi Heywood, Fire Chief Fred Johnson, Planning Comm. Mike Kochan, County Comm. Mike Backman, new Town Hall employee Marilou Casey, PUD Comm. Gene Healey, VFW member Bob Roche and Citizens Craig Brown, Mike Passmore, Joyce Orr, and Dan Tchzoweski.


 CM Lea asked the Minutes of July 18, 2016 be amended to note that CM Swart was not present but had previously been excused.


1.     Voucher Review Committee Report-Andrew Lea and Ryan Smith recommended approval of the vouchers.

2.     The VRC for the September 19, 2016 meeting will be Richard Swart and Bernadette Goodroe. Sue Cameron will be the alternate.


Motion to approve the consent agenda as amended including the Minutes of the July 18 2016 Regular Council Meeting, Voucher warrants and EFT’s #61157- #61230 in the amount of $73,835.08; and Payroll warrants and EFT benefit vouchers #95051-#95073 and #E40303 - #E40306 in the amount of $44,040.44 was made by Sue Cameron, seconded by Bernadette Goodroe.  Motion carried 5 Yes.




a.     After discussion, the Interlocal Agreement with Wahkiakum County for Pool Funding was tabled until next month.

b.     Public Works Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank told the Council that he had sent certified letters to the parties with interest in 20 Messinger Hill Dr, informing them of the property being in violation of Cathlamet’s nuisance ordinance and advising them of further actions that may be taken by the Town in order to enforce this ordinance including a lien upon the property.  As of the time of the meeting, no action had been taken to comply.


a.     Motion to approve the apparent low bid for the water intake screen project by Burns Construction was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Andrew Lea.  Motion carried 5 Yes.  Motion to approve the contract and authorizing the Mayor to sign said contract upon satisfactory review by the Town Attorney was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Ryan Smith.  Motion carried 5 Yes.

b.     Motion to approve the Maintenance Agreement with WSDOT for street striping was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Sue Cameron.  Motion carried 5 Yes.  

c.     Citizen Craig Brown asked the Council to consider options for keeping the Community Center open despite no longer having a coordinator employed.  The Mayor responded that the Town will take this into consideration and that it is a budget decision.

d.     CM Swart said that he has read the report prepared by our BIAS representative in which it is advised that the Town will need to consider rate adjustments for water and sewer.  CM Swart asked that the Mayor form a committee headed by the Town’s Public Works liaison Andrew Lea, to investigate possible rate structures.  It was agreed by consensus to form a committee and hold a public workshop and report back at the next Council meeting.


a.      Motion to approve Resolution No. 346-16; in Recognition of Warriors and Widows Salmon Derby was made by Richard Swart, seconded by Ryan Smith. Motion carried 5 Yes.

b.     Motion to approve Resolution No. 347-16; Requiring Abatement of Nuisance at 20 Messinger Hill Dr. was made by Richard Swart, seconded by Ryan Smith. Motion carried 5 Yes.


The Mayor reported that he had tried to get a contractor to level the area next to Town Hall where he wants to create a pocket park, but that the contractor had not shown up. The Mayor said that he had been loaned a caterpillar which was operated by his friend Stan who did a great job and increased the useable lot size by 30%. CM Cameron said that she is continuing to work with the Interim Clerk/Treasurer and BIAS representative on financials and that they are coming along well. CM Goodroe distributed a report on her activities regarding the procurement of an arborist to examine the trees in Erickson Park.CM Lea referenced the Public Works report and said that the water plant decant tank was partially pumped out and that Public Works continues to work on various other projects. CM Swart said that the Library continues to have increased patronage and needs a new router due to limited bandwidth and referred to his written report that he had distributed to Council. CM Smith said that the pool heaters are working well, the chlorinator continues to have some issues and that the lifeguards are doing a great job. He then deferred to Fire Chief Johnson who said that the EMS Division had been handling a very high call volume recently. Interim C/T McNally introduced new Town Hall employee Marilou Casey who is working part-time at the Town Hall. Ms. McNally then distributed a report on her July activities, and said that the Mayor had suggested that she ask the Council if they feel that she is ready to lose the “Interim” Clerk/Treasurer title. The Mayor stated that Ms. McNally had been doing a “superlative job” and said that he felt confident in her ability to be the Clerk/Treasurer. The Council unanimously approved Ms. McNally becoming the Clerk/Treasurer of the Town of Cathlamet.


CM Swart announced that there would be a meeting the next morning at 8:30 a.m. in the PUD Meeting room to discuss the feasibility study for the consolidation of the Cathlamet and Puget Island Water Systems.


The Regular Council meeting recessed at 8:23 p.m.



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Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                          Kerrie McNally, Clerk/Treasurer