SEPTEMBER 19, 2016


CALL TO ORDER – Mayor Pro Tem Ryan Smith

The regular council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Pro Tem Ryan Smith at 7:00 p.m. Monday September 19, 2016.


ROLL CALL –Clerk/Treasurer Clerk Kerrie McNally

Present: Mayor Pro Tem Ryan Smith, Council Members Andrew Lea, Richard Swart and Bernadette Goodroe. CM Sue Cameron and Mayor Dale Jacobson were excused. Also present were Clerk/Treasurer Kerrie McNally, Eagle Editor Rick Nelson, PW Supt. Duncan Cruickshank, Attorney Heidi Heywood, Fire Chief Fred Johnson, G&O representative Jon Hinton, Town Forester Bill Olsen, PUD Comm. Gene Healey, Attorney Tim Hanigan and Citizens Craig Brown, Steve Anderson, and Anindita Mitra.


 CM Lea asked for a New Business item to be added as 10 c. Meeting time.


1.     Voucher Review Committee Report-Bernadette Goodroe and Richard Swart recommended approval of the vouchers.

2.     The VRC for the October 17, 2016 meeting will be Andrew Lea and Sue Cameron. Ryan Smith will be the alternate.


Motion to approve the consent agenda including the Minutes of the August 15 2016 Regular Council Meeting, Voucher warrants #61231- #61230 and EFT’s E20160801 and E20160803 in the amount of $129,756.68; and Payroll warrants and EFT benefit vouchers #40307-#40333 and #E40334- #E40336 in the amount of $43,487.28 was made by Andrew Lea, seconded by Richard Swart.  Motion carried 3 Yes.


Craig Brown complained about the lack of progress in getting the Community Center back open.  He asked each Council Member if they supported the Community Center and why it was still closed.  The Council Members individually stated that they support the center but that this is a financial issue for the Town to consider during the budget process. The Council also expressed their appreciation of absent Council Member Sue Cameron’s dedication to alleviating the issue by seeking funding for staffing.


a.     After discussion, the Interlocal Agreement with Wahkiakum County for Pool Funding was approved. Motion to approve the Interlocal Agreement with Wahkiakum County for Pool Funding was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe. Motion carried 3 Yes.

b.     CM Andrew Lea told the Council that the Town will need to raise utility rates. He referred to information provided by our accountant at BIAS software and also to a document which was distributed by Public Works Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank.  CM Lea reported on the meeting which was held with Mr. Cruickshank and C/T McNally to discuss the issue and try to find alternatives to the rate hike.  It was agreed by consensus to try to find funding for a rate study and to follow any recommendations resulting from the study.  CM Lea noted that the 2011 rate study had offered suggestions which were not implemented which could have averted the current situation. The item was then tabled until the October meeting.

c.     CM Bernadette Goodroe referred to a report that she had obtained from a licensed arborist who inspected the trees in Erickson Park and made recommendations for removal.  Forester Bill Olsen gave his recommendations as well and it was decided to get bids for the removal of the trees designated by the arborist.  Mr. Olsen also gave his recommendations for logging sections of the Town Timber.  It was decided to prepare bid documents to log Unit One in the 4th quarter of 2016 and then possibly Unit Two in the 1st quarter of 2017 depending on prices.



a.     After discussion, Motion to approve the removal of late fees from two Faubion utility accounts was made by Andrew Lea and seconded by Richard Swart.  Motion carried 3 Yes, 0 No.  The Council did not forgive the water charges also requested by Mr. Faubion

b.     Motion to approve the Progress estimate #1 for the Raw Water Intake Screen project in the amount of $23,249.16 was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe.  Motion carried 3 Yes.  Motion to approve the payment of additional construction management costs in the amount of $3,154.00 was made by Richard Swart and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe.  Motion carried 3 Yes. Cm Lea indicated that he would not support any more increases in construction management.

c.     CM Lea asked if the Town Council Meeting time could be moved up to 6:00 p.m. instead of 7:00 p.m. Motion to approve changing the meeting time of the Town Council to 6:00 p.m. was made by Andrew Lea and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe.  Motion carried 3 Yes. The Council asked the Town Attorney to draft an amendment to the ordinance changing the time.  It was also suggested by PW Superintendent Cruickshank to change the location back to the Fire Hall so that the projector and other technology could be utilized.  The Council indicated that they may consider this as well.



No Mayor report due to his absence. Clerk/Treasurer Kerrie McNally summarized her written report.  No Finance report due to CM Cameron’s absence. CM Goodroe had covered her timber report earlier in the meeting. CM Smith said that he had been ill and did not have a report. He then deferred to Fire Chief Johnson who said that he had no report at this time.  CM Lea thought that Public Works issues had been covered as well. CM Swart briefly commented on his appointment to the Law and Justice Council and his former liaison appointment to the Library/Community Center being assigned to CM Smith.  He said that he would resume conversations with the Sheriff on the new law enforcement contract.




The Regular Council meeting recessed at 8:31 p.m.



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Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                          Kerrie McNally, Clerk/Treasurer