DECEMBER 19, 2016



CALL TO ORDER – Mayor Dale Jacobson

The regular council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Dale Jacobson at 7:00 p.m. Monday December 19, 2016.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Mayor Dale Jacobson

ROLL CALL –Clerk/Treasurer Clerk Kerrie McNally

Present: Mayor Jacobson, Council Members Andrew Lea, Sue Cameron, Ryan Smith and Bernadette Goodroe. Council Member Swart participated via telephone due to his ongoing health issue. Also present were C/T Kerrie McNally, Eagle Editor Rick Nelson, PW Supt. Duncan Cruickshank, Attorney Heidi Heywood, Fire Chief Fred Johnson, Asst. Fire Chief Beau Renfro, PUD Comm. Gene Healey, CFD Battalion Chief Vernon Barton, EMS Battalion Chief Jodie Mason, Chamber of Commerce Coordinator Shona Heywood and Citizens Minette Smith, Laurel Waller, Tanya Waller, Tim Waller, and Tim Hanigan.


The Public Hearing on the 2017 Budget opened at 7:03 p.m. Eagle Editor Rick Nelson asked how the Town was able to arrive at a balanced budget.  Clerk/ Treasurer Kerrie McNally described the process including the workshops which included the participation of a dedicated accountant from BIAS software. The Public Hearing closed at 7:14 p.m.


Town Attorney Heidi Heywood noted additions to the agenda as item 10 e. Approval of Final Progress Estimate #2 and Release of Retainage with Contingency for the Raw Water Intake project and item 11b. A Resolution Directing the Clerk/Treasurer to Maintain the Sewer Cumulative Reserve Deposit at its Current Level


1.     Voucher Review Committee Report-Ryan Smith recommended approval of the vouchers.

2.     The VRC for the January 17, 2017 meeting will be Sue Cameron and Bernadette Goodroe. Andrew Lea will be the alternate.


Motion to approve the consent agenda as amended including the Minutes of the November 21, 2016 Regular Council Meeting, Dec. 12, 2016 Budget Workshop, Voucher warrants #61461- #61525 in the amount of $51,337.95; and Payroll warrants and EFT benefit vouchers #E95103-#E95116 and #E40341- #E40346 and #E40348 in the amount of $32,407.05, and a one-time water bill adjustment in the amount of $127.66 was made by Sue Cameron, seconded by Ryan Smith.  Motion carried 5 Yes.


Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce Coordinator Shona Heywood announced that the annual Crab & Oyster Feed would he held on Feb. 18, 2017.


a.     It was determined that the Water/Sewer rate update had been covered satisfactorily during the Public Hearing during which time the Clerk/Treasurer had described how the Town’s re-allocation of the recent rate increase will prevent the need of any more sewer rate increases for the coming year.

b.     The 2017 contract with Wahkiakum Chamber of Commerce was tabled to allow for suggested edits of the proposed contract to include specific events or deliverables. It was agreed by consensus to form a committee to meet with the Chamber to discuss the contract.


a.     The 2017 Interlocal Agreement with Wahkiakum County for Pool Funding was tabled until next month.  Public Works Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank said that he wishes it were unencumbered but is in favor of an interlocal agreement.

b.     Fire Chief Fred Johnson explained the issues surrounding the current building moratorium in Columbia Ridge Estates and said that he would work with the PW supt. to prepare a proposal on specific lots to consider the possibility of lifting the moratorium.  The Council agreed by consensus to hold a workshop on the issue.

c.     Motion to approve the proposal from Elochoman Valley Partners for janitorial services for the Library and public restrooms was made by CM Ryan Smith and seconded by CM Bernadette Goodroe. Motion carried 4 Yes, 1 Abstention.  CM Cameron abstained due to her position as the County Health Department Director which oversees the EVP.

d.     Motion to approve the Memorandum of Understanding with Wahkiakum PUD over the Raw Water Intake project was made by CM Sue Cameron and seconded CM Ryan Smith. Motion carried 5 Yes.

e.    Motion to approve the Final Progress Estimate #2 for the Raw Water Intake project was made by Cm Cameron and seconded by CM Swart via telephone.  Motion

       carried 5 Yes.  Motion to approve the Release of

               Retainage Contingent upon Receiving Final Documents from the Contractor was made by CM Goodroe and seconded by CM Smith. Motion carried 5 Yes.


     a.   Motion to approve Resolution 350-16; Consent and Approval of Assignment of Franchise from Cascade Networks, Inc. to Astound Broadband, LLC was made by CM

              Cameron, seconded by CM Smith. Carried 5 Yes.

     b.  Motion to approve Resolution No. 351-16; Directing the C/T to Maintain the Sewer Cumulative Reserve Deposit at its Present Level Pending Passage of Ord. 591-16

            made by CM Smith, seconded by CM Cameron.  Carried 5 Yes.


       a. Motion to approve Ord. No. 589-16; for the third and final reading made by CM Smith, seconded by CM Cameron.  Carried 5 Yes.

         b. Motion to approve Ord. 590-16; Amending the 2016 Budget was made by Cm Goodroe and seconded by CM Cameron.  Carried 5 Yes.

         c. Motion to approve Ord. 591-16; Establishing the Deposit to the Sewer Cumulative Reserve Fund and Amending CMC 13.95.050 for the first reading was made by CM Cameron, seconded by CM Smith. Carried 5 Yes.

         d. Attorney Heywood recommended tabling Ord. 592-16; Amending the Utility Tax Rate because the present form does not comply with state law. Ms. Heywood

      said that electric, telephone and gas utility rates are capped at 6% unless approved by voters.  The Council agreed by consensus to take no action on the ordinance.


Mayor Jacobson wished everyone happy holidays. The C/T summarized her written report. CM Cameron said that she thought the town finances and budget had already been covered satisfactorily. CM Goodroe said that she’d received a report from the Town Forester stating that the timber harvest was moving along and that the park clean-up continues.  CM Lea said that he had nothing to add to the PW report. CM Swart said that the Law & Justice Council meeting had been postponed until Jan., that he’d attended to CWCOG meetings by phone and that the County does not appear to be seeking out his participation  CM Smith said that the pool has been winterized. Asst. Fire Chief Beau Renfro asked if his written EMS report had been acceptable to the Council at which time they thanked him for the excellent report. Chief Johnson stood up and read a letter he had written to the Mayor in which he announced his retirement from the Cathlamet Fire Dept. effective midnight on Dec. 31st. Mr. Johnson expressed his gratitude to all members of the CFD which he has served with for 40 years and thanked the town for giving him the opportunity to serve. CM Swart thanked Chief Johnson for his service and suggested that the Council adopt a Resolution honoring Mr. Johnson.



The Regular Council Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m.



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Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                          Kerrie McNally, Clerk/Treasurer