October 24, 2016




CALL TO ORDERMayor Dale Jacobson

The Special council meeting for the Town of Cathlamet was called to order by Mayor Dale Jacobson at 1:08 p.m. Monday October 24, 2016.


The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Clerk/Treasurer Kerrie McNally.

ROLL CALL – Clerk/Treasurer Kerrie McNally

Present: Council Members Bernadette Goodroe, Sue Cameron, Andrew Lea, Ryan Smith and Richard Swart. Also present was Clerk/Treasurer Kerrie McNally, Public Works Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank, Fire Chief Fred Johnson, Asst. Fire Chief Beau Renfro, PUD Commissioner Gene Healey and citizen Richard Erickson.


A. Motion to approve the lease with WDFW for the installation of net pens at the Town Dock was made by Sue Cameron and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe.  CM Cameron amended her motion by adding the words “pending legal review”.  Motion as amended was made by Sue Cameron and seconded by Bernadette Goodroe.  Motion carried 2 Yes, 2 No, 1 Abstention.  Mayor Jacobson broke the tie by voting “Yes”.  3 Yes votes. Council Member Goodroe abstained because she felt that she needed more information.


B.  A discussion on the 2017 proposed budget began when CM Goodroe asked why there were negative beginning balances on the Library Fund.  C/T Kerrie McNally called BIAS to have the dedicated accountant there answer questions on the budget as had been previously arranged.  The accountant was apparently not available as he did not call back during the workshop. 


Asst. Fire Chief Renfro responded to a question from CM Goodroe regarding the recent audit stating that there are too many outstanding ambulance payments by stating that the FD has contracted with a collections agency to collect the “collectable” ones and ones which do not qualify for the Indigent Care policy adopted by the FD.  Fire Chief Fred Johnson and Asst. Fire Chief Renfro answered questions about the Fire Department request for a new engine and accessory building.  Chief Johnson said that back in 2010, they had requested for additional monies to be placed into the Fire Department Cumulative Reserve fund to begin saving up for the new engine, but that former Mayor Wehrfritz did not agree and the money was never allocated.  Chief Johnson explained that in order to keep our fire rating, the town needs enough engines to have pumping capacity to fight a fire should it occur in the High School building and that currently, the oldest engine is forty-three years old and does not meet the pumping requirements.  The accessory building will house the items currently in Station Two and share the space with Public Works.


PW Superintendent Duncan Cruickshank noted Public Works items that were in last year’s budget that had not been completed and also added new items which will need to be budgeted for in 2017. 


CM Sue Cameron requested $5,000 be added to the budget as a contribution to the salary of a proposed County employee for the Community Center.

The date for the next workshop was set for 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday November 2nd in the Fire Hall meeting room.




The meeting was adjourned at 3:03 p.m.



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Dale Jacobson, Mayor                                     Kerrie McNally, Clerk/Treasurer